The Princess And The Lord

Chapter 1203 Brainwash

It was approaching evening when the taxi took him to the gate of Hamilton Manor, Lory walked in which proved to be quite tiring because there was quite a distance between the gate and the front door of the Manor. Lory's steps stopped when he saw Zhao Li Xin waiting for him right in front of the front door of the Manor. He looked like a parent who caught his child when they came home late.

Lory bit her lip feeling anxious knowing she was in trouble, the funny thing is she wasn't that anxious when she was kidnapped and fighting against a group of Gifted people, on the contrary, she quite enjoyed it but seeing Zhao Li Xin....

Zhao Li Xin stood gracefully with his hands folded behind her back. Her beautiful, piercing dark eyes watched Lory's arrival with an inexplicable expression that Lory guessed as a discountenance. Lory climbed the stairs nervously while lowering her head just like a naughty child.

Just like a strict parent, Zhao Li Xin checked the time on his watch after he confirmed how late it was Zhao Li Xin shifted his eyes back to Lory and then gave her a reproachful look "You're late"Different from his world, Zhao Li Xin can send Mong Yi and Mong Ki to look after Lory, especially since there is also Girsha who will always protect Lory at any time, nevertheless, there were still several incidents where Lory was injured and almost lost his life so it was understandable that Zhao Li Xin felt worried when Lory did not come home at the time she promised, not to mention Lory has a special ability to attract all kinds of trouble from miles away so how could that be? just today, Zhao Li Xin found out Lory was caught in another problem.

"I can explain!" Lory immediately defended himself.

"Are you hurt?" Zhao Li Xin assessed the lory from top to bottom for any visible injuries.

"NO!" Lory hid the incident of being hit in the back of her head, slapped, and roughly restrained by all those people so as not to worry Zhao Li Xin, therefore Lory had healed all the remaining scars on herself before arriving home.

"Come here" Zhao Li Xin opened her palms and then beckoned Lory to come closer.

Lory obediently took a step closer then Zhao Li Xin pinned his chin then checked for any scratches on her face, neck, and arms after he found nothing. Of course, Zhao Li Xin knew Lory must already healed herself before she got home, though that's a good thing but that's not the problem.

The problem is, someone has harmed his wife when he's not around and he had to know who this person was. Zhao Li Xin's pair of onyx eyes pierced deeply into Lory's eyes, "Are you sure you're not hurt?"

Lory's face became stiff as she was examined by Zhao Li Xin's beautiful face. His brain told him to lie but his mouth....

"I...I got slapped and hit here but I'm alright it was part of my plan anyway" Lory grinned awkwardly.

Meanwhile, Zhao Li Xin's expression darkened, Zhao Li Xin's head leaned closer forward leaving no gap between them, and then hissed coldly, "Who?"

Zhao Li Xin's warm breath made Lory blush and she subconsciously gulped. Only Zhao Li Xin could make her both aroused and scared at the same time, this was confusing!

"Let's talk inside, I'm tired" Lory pleaded pitifully.

Zhao Li Xin knew she was pretending nevertheless his heart softened, he sighed and then wrapped his arm around Lory's shoulder "Let's clean up yourself first, have you eaten yet?"

"No..." Lory shakes her head timidly.

Zhao Li Xin shakes his head resignedly while accompanying his naughty wife back to their respective room. As they arrived in their living quarter Lory took a quick bath then he had already prepared the food on the small table.

Lory was shocked when they saw a table of food [Where do you get this? Are the manor maids preparing this for us?]

[No, it's a delivery order] Zhao Li Xin answers casually.


Lory looks at Zhao Li Xin in disbelief [How?]

[The new teacher taught me simple conversations like greeting and asking simple questions, so I asked him to teach me in a real situation and he taught me how to order food and this happened, by the way, I found out the food container kept the food warm...I never thought about this before, well it's because we have spatial ring anyway] Zhao Li Xin muttered in a nonchalant manner disregarding his incredible progress that only after a day of formal teaching he was able to make simple conversation.

Lory didn't know whether it was because the teacher was too good or, because of Zhao Li Xin's inhuman intelligence, or maybe it was a combination of both.

Lory threw the towel on the bed after finishing drying her hair then went to the small wardrobe to change from her bathrobe into pajamas.

Zhao Li Xin, who was not used to seeing a mess, patiently took Lory's towel from the bed and then hung it neatly on the towel rack before, she returned to her seat and waited for Lory.

Lory had just finished changing her clothes, looking for the towel she had just thrown away because she knew Zhao Li

Actually, Lory wasn't a careless woman either, it was just that compared to Zhao Li Xin, she was no match for him.

[Sorry, thank you,] said Lory gratefully.

Zhao Li Xin thought Lory was talking about her food [It's okay, I was just practicing]

Lory waved her hand and then explained [I didn't mean about the towel...]

[What's wrong with the towel?] Zhao Li Xin asks blankly.

[Nothing...] Since he doesn't realize Lory didn't want to explain either [What did you buy?] Lory noticed various food boxes on the table but they were still not open so Lory didn't know what food they had.

Zhao Li Xin's brows slowly furrowed [Since I still practice I try so many times but overall it is all bread]

Lory frowned and then checked the food boxes on the table Lory saw pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and donuts. As Zhao Li Xin said everything is more or less bread.

[Have you tried?] it's hard to imagine a refined man like him eating this type of food.

Zhao Li Xin pinches his chin [ I did but all of the food tastes it's hard to describe, some are not very good like that colorful bread with cream, it's too sweet]

[You mean donuts?] Lory noticed half eaten donut on the box that she assumed belonged to Zhao Li Xin,

"Yes, Do-nuts.." Zhao Li Xin carefully spells the words he then continues [But the other food it's not bad it just I tasted something I never tasted before that was a bit smelly, salty, and very sticky] Zhao Li Xin didn't say he liked it he was only marveled by the tasted.

"It's cheese?" Lory's mouth twitched.

[Oh is that called cheese?] Zhao Li Xin's eyes lit up then he nodded while trying to spell the name a few times "Chee-se....Cheese"

This was the first time Lory saw Zhao Li Xin studying seriously, if only Mong Ki and Mong Yi witnessed this, what would they say.

[I also bought this meat bun, 'cause I remember you like it] Zhao Li Xin opened one of the food box containers and then showed it to Lory.

Lory's lips twitch again [It's not meat bun honey, it's called...] "Burger"

"Bur-ger" Zhao Li Xin tilted his head but later on he shook his head [But Lory, I thought that round thing is a bun? Is it, not a bun?]

[ is] Lory pouts her lips, what Zhao Li Xin said is not wrong.

[And inside the bun isn't that a meat?] Zhao Li Xin asks again.

Lory looked down at the burger then once again she had no words to refute and she nodded weakly [uhm, It is...]

[Then what is it called?] Zhao Li Xin questioned her.

Lory answers in uncertainty [A meat bun?]

Zhao Li Xin smiles triumphantly [Enjoy your meat bun sweetheart]

Lory smiled flatly [Yes...thank you husband] Lory took the burger...correction, 'meat bun' then took a bite with a blank stare. Something was wrong, but she had no words to refute it. Maybe this is what being brainwashed feels like.


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