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Chapter 673 - The Scum Is Humorous

Chapter 673 – The Scum Is Humorous

"He…!" Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu exclaimed when he saw that Dong Chi is tightly tied to the tree with his mouth covered with a cloth while Dong Zheng is lying on the stone table and is still unconscious. 

It was only Tang Zhe and Shan Lu who are carrying Bozun's subordinate but Tang Yun and Guo Cheng are curious to see what's inside Bai Tan's, the Shapeshifting Blanket, stomach, so they followed. They didn't expect to see this scene where Dong Chi is struggling to free himself. 

But, Cheng Sheng ignored him as well as the gazes of the Huakai Sect's disciple. "Place him on the flower bed." He told Tang Zhe and Shan Lu, these two 'helpers'. 

"Yes." Tang Zhe and Shan Lu answered and carried Bozun's subordinate over the area. 

"The scent of the flowers here have a calming affect, and their sap and dew can held the body regulate the blood after their sap and dew touches one's skin and then penetrate the skin, directly going to the blood." Cheng Sheng explained. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu were shocked. "There is such a good thing?!" they exclaimed. 

"If I say that I am lying, that I am just spouting nonsense and I don't care where will this foreign man be placed, would you believe me?" Cheng Sheng asked as he looked at them with a serious expression. 

"Yes." they answered. They already know what kind of person Cheng Sheng is so they can believe whatever he would say. 

Cheng Sheng. "… oh." He muttered before he ignored these four people who doesn't understand humor. He went to see how is the condition of Bozun's subordinate. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu naturally followed since they also are concerned whether this foreign man lives or dies since they had to interrogate him yet and make him confess their sect's evil motives on their land. 

Then, they saw that the flowers beneath the foreign person's body seemed to be alive! "What the heck…!" they exclaimed in shock and rubbed their eyes, thinking that they must have seen wrong. 

But, it was as clear as the day that these flowers, and even the grasses, were moving on their own! 

"This…" Guo Cheng gasped in surprise. 

"The flowers… are really…?" Tang Yun muttered, then looked at Cheng Sheng with a quizzical gaze. 

"I already told you." Cheng Sheng said as he raised his two fingers. 

Then, the dews on the flowers and grasses rose in the air. Cheng Sheng moved his two fingers again and the dews converged into a ball of water. Then, it moved above the foreign man's face before drops of it dripped down the foreign person's mouth which Cheng Sheng opened for the foreign man to be able to drink. 

"These dews not only helps regulates the blood, but also is good for the skin." Cheng Sheng spoke as he took out a cup from his qiankun sleeve and took some dew water. Then, he turned to them. "Want to try?" he asked as he handed the cup to them. 

"Go on." Tang Zhe said and smiled at Tang Yun. 

Tang Yun's eyes brightened. "Thank you!" he said and took the cup, then took a sip. His eyes then widened in surprise. "It is slightly sweet!" he exclaimed. 

Guo Cheng's heart felt itchy. "I want some, too!" he said. 

Cheng Sheng nodded and took out another cup and filled it before he handed it to Guo Cheng. 

Guo Cheng suddenly felt thirsty and he downed the drink in one gulp! "Ah!" he exclaimed as he licked his lips. "It is very tasty." He said. 

Tang Yun nodded in agreement as he sipped his drink faster. "I… suddenly feel energized!" he said as his cheeks flushed red. He can feel his blood moving in his body smoothly. 

Guo Cheng looked at his limbs then moved his fingers. "En. This dew is really magical!" he said. 

"These are called Spiritual Dew." Cheng Sheng said. "This is one of the ingredients in my magic pills and potions." He told them. 

Their eyes widened in surprise. "No wonder that your magic pills and potions are of high quality!" they said. 

Cheng Sheng nodded as he took a cup and filled with the dew water before he walked towards the unconscious Dong Zheng. "… shut that trash up for me." He said, referring to Dong Chi without even giving Dong Chi a glance. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu looked at Dong Chi and frowned since Dong Chi's noise from his throat is becoming louder. Shan Lu moved and hit Dong Chi in the neck, locking his voice. But, they didn't expect for Dong Chi to suddenly lose consciousness. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun and Guo Cheng. "…" did you kill him instead?! They thought and looked at Shan Lu. 

Shan Lu. "… hehe. I think I used too much strength…" he said and grimaced as he scratched his head. 

But, Cheng Sheng's expression remained calm. Well, he even looked pleased. "I see. Dead people indeed are more silent than the living ones." He said and smiled. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu immediately felt a chill in their backs and they immediately shut their mouths. After gaining permission from Cheng Sheng, they refilled their cups and sat on the side, acting as if they are drinking tea instead of dew water. They know that Cheng Sheng should be trying to expel the poison from Dong Zheng's body, and he needed to fully concentrate in it. 

Cheng Sheng, indeed, as the Huakai Sect disciples have guessed, is going to remove the poison from Dong Zheng's body. He placed the cup of dew water on the side before he took out a potion of deep-red color like the blood from his qiankun sleeve. He opened the bottle and then made Dong Zheng drink it. 

Not long later, Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu saw Dong Zheng's body violently jolted. They were shocked. They almost dropped their cups. But, they immediately covered their mouths and calmed themselves as they recalled in the last second that Cheng Sheng needs silence to concentrate on his task. This is a life and death situation for Dong Zheng! 

As soon as Dong Zheng's body violently jolted, Cheng Sheng knows that the potion immediately took effect. He immediately closed his eyes and raised two fingers as he concentrated on the potion in Dong Zheng's blood. Then, he raised his fingers before he hovered it above Dong Zheng's body, guiding the motion of the potion in Dong Zheng's blood. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu nervously gulped and beads of sweat formed on their foreheads as they watched Dong Zheng's body jolt again every time Cheng Sheng changes direction while directing the potion that he fed on Dong Zheng's body. Then, they felt their hearts flew up in their throats when they saw that Dong Zheng's body arched after Cheng Sheng reached his chest. 

"There it is!" Cheng Sheng muttered as he opened his eyes. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu held their breaths, not daring to breathe loudly, when they saw that Cheng Sheng's eyes glowed! He is looking for the poison in Dong Zheng's body! 

"Scatter." Cheng Sheng ordered. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu didn't speak, since they know that it wasn't them who Cheng Sheng is speaking to but the potion that he fed Dong Zheng! 

"… break!" Cheng Sheng shouted. 

Tang Zhe, Tang Yun, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu then saw that Dong Zheng's body shuddered, before it started to jerk! 

"N – !" Tang Yun opened his mouth but Tang Zhe immediately covered his mouth to prevent him from speaking. 

Tang Zhe, Guo Cheng and Shan Lu know that Cheng Sheng's potion is killing the poison on Dong Zheng's blood, causing for Dong Zheng, who has been poisoned for too long, to reject Cheng Sheng's potion.

"He's…!" Guo Cheng's expression is serious when they saw Cheng Sheng fed Dong Zheng the dew water. 

"What is he doing? Why did he feed him dew water?" Shan Lu asked. 

Tang Yun is similarly puzzled. 

But, Tang Zhe's expression is heavy. "We know that the poison should be very heavy in sect leader Dong's body after being poisoned by his brother for a long time." he started. "The dew water can help the body regulate the blood faster, so Cheng Sheng must be using it to reveal poison hidden in sect leader Dong's body after his potion killed the first ones." He explained. 

"So that's it!" their eyes brightened when they finally realized it. 

"En. But…" Tang Zhe's brows knitted. "This will be a very long process, since it should have been many years that sect leader Dong was poisoned by his brother." He told them. 

They all fell silent, then they looked at Cheng Sheng's back with an anxious gaze.. Dong Zheng's life will be now in Cheng Sheng's hands. 


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