The Strongest Interstellar Commander

Chapter 216: The Vera Alliances Crisis

Chapter 216: The Vera Alliances Crisis.

Half a year later, just a few days before the Zola Alliance officially announced its participation in the war.

The Zola Alliance had assembled 50 billion warships, arriving at the Silver Heart Channel between the Second Main Spiral Arm and the First Main Spiral Arm.

The Theo Alliance, who had received the order, naturally moved away from the line of defense and allowed the Zola Alliance to enter.

Although there were only 50 billion warships, the Zola Alliance was no weaker than the two alliances that were at war!

The reason why the Vera Alliance and the Freedom Alliance each had hundreds of billions of battleships on the Silver Heart Channel was the result of years of confrontation, while the Zola Alliance had only spent half a year assembling their forces.

However, this was enough. After all, according to the information, the opposing Vera Alliance defenders only had 10 billion battleships. After all, this was not a battlefield. The latter’s main force was currently in the Silver Heart Channel between the First and Fourth Main Spiral Arms.

Therefore, the 50 billion warships of the Zola Alliance could definitely crush the opponent, breaking into its territory from the back of the Vera Alliance.

By that time, the entire Vera Alliance would be in chaos. If Moros was smart, he would seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and defeat the main force of the Vera Alliance on the opposite side.

Once that situation was reached, the four major alliances would have the chance of becoming just three major alliances!

In the First Main Spiral Arm and the Second Main Spiral Arm’s Silver Heart Channel, on the side of the Vera Alliance, in the command center of a Battle Star.

“Commander Oleg, most of the fleets on our defense line have been transferred to the main battlefield. Our current defense force is seriously insufficient. Once an accident occurs, the consequences will be disastrous!”

The Adjutant stood beside Oleg, with an undisguised anxious expression.

Originally, there were 50 billion warships stationed on this line of defense, but now 40 billion had been dispatched to the main battlefield for support, leaving only 10 billion.

“It’s not like I don’t know, but this is the decision from the top. It was judged that the Theo Alliance will not join the war!”

Oleg said helplessly. From a strategic point of view, it was definitely a very dangerous move to deploy only 10 billion warships in such an important line of defense.

Were the idiots above so sure that the Theo Alliance would not participate in the war? This was akin to gambling the fate of the entire Alliance!

But there was nothing he could do. Now, he could only hope that the Theo Alliance would indeed not participate in the war.

However, before Oleg could finish comforting himself, bad news had arrived.

“Reporting, a large number of warships in an attack formation is detected. They are approaching the defense line!”

The radar officer in the command group reported to Oleg, with a look of horror on his face.

Hearing the report, Oleg thought, ‘it’s over.’

“Quick, immediately determine the number of opponents and the faction they belong to!”

“Yes, Commander!”

The radar officer immediately commanded his subordinates, turning on all types of scanning and detection devices to probe the huge fleet ahead.

“Commander Oleg, the number of opponents is 50 billion. After analysis and comparison, they are found to be all warships belonging to the Zola Alliance. They are currently 10AU away!”

Half a minute later, the radar officer anxiously reported to Oleg.

“The Zola Alliance? Not the Theo Alliance?”

“Yes, Commander Oleg. It’s the Zola Alliance!”

Oleg was a little confused, how could it be the Zola Alliance? It doesn’t make sense!

Did the Theo Alliance use the Zola Alliance? But why?

“Issue a Level 1 State of Emergency and all of the warships on the defense line must be ready to meet the incoming enemies. Also, connect me to Leader Verto through the emergency line!”


Soon, the Level 1 State of Emergency, that had not been sounded on this defense line for thousands of years, sounded.

“Oleg, what’s wrong? Why did you use the emergency line to contact me?”

After the call was connected, Verto’s figure immediately appeared in the command center.

“Leader, in the direction of the Second Main Spiral Arm, a large number of fleets are approaching our defense line. Their number is as high as 50 billion!”

“What? Didn’t that Sith guy keep reassuring me that he wouldn’t join the war?”

After hearing Oleg’s report, Verto could not keep calm. He also knew that only a mere 10 billion warships were stationed on Oleg’s side, and they were all Level 5 Civilization warships. The Vera Alliance’s Level 5 fleets had all been pulled to the main battlefield!

Even if the incoming enemies weren’t Level 5, 50 billion Level 4 warships could easily overwhelm Oleg’s.

Once Oleg’s defense line was broken through…

Verto didn’t dare to think about it anymore. This time it was a big deal!

“Leader, it’s not the Theo Alliance. Rather, it’s the Zola Alliance!!!”

“What? How could it be the Zola Alliance? We even purchased arms from them!”

“Leader, now is not the time to think about why, it should be about how to deal with it. With the current force here, I can only hold them back for three months at most. You must find a way! Otherwise, the Vera Alliance will be over!”

After speaking, Oleg hung up. He still had to set up the defenses and fast. He had no time to continue talking to Verto. What was important was that he had relayed the information.

After all, soldiers and politicians had never been on the same page.

Continuing on was a waste of time, it’s pointless!

Fortunately, the Silver Heart Channel was not very wide. If the fleet was completely spread out, only 10 billion warships could be accommodated on a cross-section. Therefore, at the beginning, there was no need to worry about being beaten or being surrounded.

However, this stability would gradually collapse with the loss of the battleship on Oleg’s side!

After all, Oleg only had 10 billion warships in his hands. Once lost, there was no reserve force to replenish it.

But despite this, Oleg still had confidence in holding on for 2 or 3 months. He just hope that the group of idiots at the top would not make any more stupid decisions!

The distance of 10AU was still very far. After all, this was an important defense line of the Vera Alliance and there’s naturally a Warp Blocking Device.

The range of this had always covered a distance of 10AU to prevent the opponent from directly warping into the territory of the Vera Alliance.

However, even with a distance of 10AU, it would not take much time.

Five hours later, the leading force of the Zola Alliance’s force had approached 5 million kilometers outside the Vera Alliance’s defense line. The two sides were about to enter their respective ranges.

A minute later, the Commanders of both sides gave orders almost at the same time.

“Start the attack!”

Immediately, various colorful energy bombs and beams filled the channel.


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