The Useless Miracle Doctor Consort Is Spoiled Rotten by the Prince!

Chapter 179 - 179: Wu Ruofei Is Staying at the Clinic

Chapter 179: Wu Ruofei Is Staying at the Clinic

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Seeing her in such a shrewish state, he couldn’t be bothered to come again.

He was in a precarious situation, and with Madam Wu’s recent embarrassing incident, his two sons were becoming more and more disappointed. It was driving him to the brink of frustration.

When Su Yurou arrived, Wu Ruofei was crying and refusing to eat.

Feng He held the food, trembling beside her. “Miss, please don’t harm your health. You should eat a little.”

“I won’t eat! I won’t! It’s all your fault, you servants! How could my mother do something like that? My mother wouldn’t! And my brothers… Oh… They’re supposed to be so capable!”

“Feng He, come over here!” Wu Ruofei shouted like a madwoman.

Feng He was trembling, every step filled with fear. She knew that when Wu Ruofei opened her mouth, she intended to bite someone again.

Ever since her limbs were broken and she couldn’t move, her way of venting her anger had become biting people.

All the maids in the room had been bitten, their bodies covered in bruises. Just yesterday, in a fit of rage, she had bitten off half of a young girl’s ear. That girl was only thirteen years old, and her appearance was now permanently marred.

Feng He had served Wu Ruofei for many years, prodding her temper countless times. But now that Wu Ruofei’s anger was directed at her, she was terrified.

“Are you dead? You’re walking so slowly. Hurry up and come over!” Wu Ruofei glared at her and roared.

Feng He closed her eyes and began to tremble before she even reached Wu Ruofei.

As she got closer, Wu Ruofei opened her mouth and viciously bit into Feng He’s arm.

“All! Miss, please be gentle!” Feng He cried out in pain.

It was hurt!

“Oh! Oh!”

Wu Ruofei used all her strength to bite Feng He’s arm until it bled. “Alright, get lost!”

Feng He wiped away her tears and left, only to run into Su Yurou.

Su Yurou had been quietly observing from outside the door for a while. When she saw Wu Ruofei in such a state, she wiped the gloating expression from her face and greeted her with a gentle and compassionate demeanor.

Initially, Wu Ruofei didn’t respond to her kindness, but when Su Yurou mentioned having a way to deal with Su Yingxue, Wu Ruofei’s eyes lit up.

After hearing Su Yurou’s words, she snorted coldly. “Why should 1 beg Su Yingxue? Even if she kneels in front of me, 1 won’t let her treat me!”

“Ruofei, don’t you want to get better as soon as possible? If an ordinary doctor treats you, you’ll have to stay in bed for at least another month. But I’ve heard that Su Yingxue’s treatment for muscle and bone injuries is miraculous. If she heals you, won’t you be able to stand up much sooner? By then, you won’t have to worry about not being able to deal with her.”

Upon hearing the possibility of teaching Su Yingxue a lesson, Wu Ruofei’s eyes started turning red. “I want to get better as soon as possible! I want to avenge my mother and my brothers!”

“That’s the right attitude. Minister Wu doesn’t have time to attend to you now. Tomorrow, have someone carry you to Su Yingxue’s clinic. Her clinic has recently opened a patient ward. You can stay there for easy observation.”

“Brother Hao!” When Su Hao was mentioned, Wu Ruofei’s excitement grew.

She had made up her mind. Even if Su Yingxue refused to accept her, she would stay at her clinic!

The following day, she had people carry her to the clinic in a grand procession. Su Yurou was concerned that she might inadvertently reveal something, so she even prepared a script for her to remember. If Su Yingxue rejected her and refused to treat her, she would create a scene at the clinic to tarnish her reputation..


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