Twin Reincarnation: Epics Of The Worldline

Chapter 154 154 Anna and Cary

Chapter 154 154 Anna and Cary

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Roxanna, the phoenix of primordial light, the wise bird of pure white flames, the noble being so powerful that few in the Worldline could match up to her when it came to wisdom. Lucy's familiar, this same sublime creature that had covered a large part of the entire realm they were in, was now… a chick.

[ "One has feared, however, this new form certainly is uncomfortable." ]

She was now a small round bird with a tail that was a little bigger than her small, white feather-covered body.

The feathers on her body were all entirely white while the ones in her tail contained a unique pattern that contained numerous colors, perhaps every single color that a person could think of.

Most of her power was now sealed because of the worldline area transfers and the unique familiar restrictions. That much was natural. However, she looked adorable~!

"Anna! You look so cute~! Come here~!"

El took her away from his hands and gently hugged her with just enough strength that felt good to her.

[ "Haha, One's body has become a little uncomfortable however, one could still take a better form for a limited time when needed." ]

"Oh~?! How cool~. Ah! Wait a bit! Lemme take my bastard out as well and then we will see both of your status windows together~."

She carefully put her on the desk before her, channeled her Mana on her familiar mark, and commanded her familiar to come out of the special space that they stayed in.

[[ I said I don't want to! ]]

"Just come out you bastard! Come out or else I will spread the word that the mighty <<Eternal chaos of present>> has lost all his power and is now a small familiar of some human! We are pretty famous so it won't be long before your whatever famous image is ruined! Do you want that?!"

[[ No! Anything but that! ]]


Her familiar mark glowed with a unique black light and, a unique being materialized before them.

"Holy hell…"

His head was somewhat bigger than his body and his body negligible to what it previously used to be. Jet black body covered with scales, some bigger scales on his body that shined with a unique color of night, his greenish underbelly resembling steel armor, strong but soft as well, and his gold-black eyes looked facinating.

His two horns, two small horns that seemed to be a joke compared to what his original body possessed. A tail covered with a unique purple crystal-like substance that was harder than any material available in this entire Worldline area, small wings, and a 'cute' face… the mighty dragon of eternal chaos was rendered to an adorable creature that faintly resembled a certain Toothless.

"Cary! You became Toothless's child!"

[ "What is this girl saying? What is this toothless she's talking ab-" ]

"Come here~!"

She grabbed him and tightly hugged him without caring about her strength or anything else.

"I love this form Cary~! Umha~!"

She rubbed her face against his and then kissed him on his forehead, surprising the innocent dragonlord.

[ "Oyyyy! You can't do that!" ]

"Of course, I can~! You're mine~! Hehehe, umha~!

There was some redness on his pretty black face, his eyes clearly seemed flustered, he was trying to get out of her embrace, however, it was of no use. Her grip was stronger than what he could get out of at the moment… or he could, but he subconsciously didn't want it.

"Cute cute cute cute cute cute~. Cary is the cutest~!"

[ "Someone calm this girl down!" ]

She was kissing him, touching all parts of his unique body, looking at them with an astonished look, and all that without letting him go.

Lucy was getting déjà vu looking at this situation. Their little kitten used to be just like this but now, he was a family member who liked being patted by her… he didn't like that bastard's pervertness still though.

He watched the two while gently caressing Anna's neck, which she strangely loved, and waited for El to finish with her hugging kissing, and licking(?).

He could see how the headmaster was smiling with a fun smile as if the things happening before him were something he had never ever even thought could be a possibility.

He looked happy, but, for some reason, Lucy didn't feel right when he looked at that smile for too long.

He had this strange unpleasant feeling that there was something wrong with that smile but even if he wanted to accept that thought or question it again, it just vanished from his mind and he looked back at El insisted.

"Umha~. Then let's see your status windows, hehe."

[ "Why did I agree to this…" ]

Now he had a sullen look, which made him look even more, much, much cuter.

She really loved this familiar of hers.


ID: Cary

Race: Dragon (Familiar)

Strength: 252 (?)

Agility: 270 (?)

Stamina: 360 (?)

Intelligence: 402 (?)

Luck: 201 (?)

Charm: 381 (?)

Divinity: 12 (?)

Shadow: 366 (?)

Chaos: 6 (?)

Level: 1

[Skills: Dragon heart (Level-1), Scale of judgement (Level-1), Fear (Level-1), Breath (Level-1), Command (Level-1), Dragon tongue (Level-1), Shadow manipulation (Level-0), Chaos device (Level-0), Pinnacle (Level-0), Law negation (Level-0), Spiritualization (Level-0), Form release (Level-0), [Locked].]

[Innate skills: Finite Astral Collapse (Level-6), [Locked].]

[Titles: Supreme existence, Dragonlord, Child of the present, Initiator of chaos, Breaker of [CODE], Lord of Mana, [Locked].]

[Unique title: Eternal Chaos of the present, [Locked].]

[Skill points: 300]

[Oz: 3,336,994,203,665,103]




ID: Roxanna

Race: Phoenix (Familiar)

Strength: 222 (?)

Agility: 321 (?)

Stamina: 372 (?)

Intelligence: 501 (?)

Luck: 342 (?)

Charm: 375 (?)

Divinity: 12 (?)

Plausibility: 3000

Dominance: 6 (?)

Level: 1

[Skills: Phoenix flames (Level-1), Wisdom accumulation (Level-1), Divine creation (Level-1), Chronos (Level-0), Kairos (Level-0), Filotimo (Level-0), Text of origins (Level-1), Representations of Truths (Level-1), Analysis (Level-0), Epiphany (Level-1), [Locked].]

[Innate skills: Plausibility accumulation (Level-1), Worldline edit (Level-0), Immortality (Level-6), Stellar Prismocomplex Origin-Oblivion Nurobrain (Level-0), [Locked].]

[Titles: The firstborn, Child of primordial light, Seeker of original truths, Interpreter of cosmic mysteries, Forsaken one, Achiever of abyssal wisdom, Founder of interstellar truth federation, Unprecedented grandmaster, Operator of plausibility, Propagator of anarchy, [Locked].]

[Unique titles: First Light of the Beginning, Creator of [SPOON], Notorious opposer of innate limitations, [Locked].]

[Skill points: 300]

[Oz: 12,444,651,881,230,552]


"Holy… mother of motherhood…"

"Anna? You…"

They were happy to have a phoenix and a dragon as their familiars and just that much was more than enough. They didn't care much about who these two were, what they had done in the past or why they were imprisoned in that place to begin with.

They didn't care much about the things that have happened. All that mattered to them was the well-being of their new partners.

If they wanted to get revenge on the people that did that to them then these two would have helped them to the best of their abilities, if they wanted to just continue living and regain their strength and again reach the peak of where they had been, then they would help them achieve that, if they wanted to just live a normal life from that point on, then they would have done their best to keep them away from the eyes of the word.

They would do anything their familiars wanted since they were now the closest beings to them after their own selves.

They were going to be with them forever, which meant all they had done and all that they were now also belonged to them, their masters.

They believed it would everything will be alright and there wouldn't be much problem handling a dragon and a phoenix even though they were the most special ones of their kind. But, they were wrong…

The past these two had, was not something the two of them could possibly ignore.

The two before them, Lucy and El understood immediately right after seeing those titles and reading the few descriptions that were presented to them along with the status windows, that things were far, far more fucked than they could ignore.

The dragon that she was making fun of all this time, was a far more special being than she was thinking while the bird that she wanted and liked, turned out to be the one that had helped her many times in the past when they were playing the game. Some of her masterpieces were created with the base of the [SPOON].

She had received help and inspiration, however, not directly.

She didn't know the existence of the creator of the grand creation-analysis-encryption system [SPOON] back then, but right now, she was sitting right beside her, and what more, that very being was also the founder of one of the most notorious criminal organisations of this entire Worldline, and, if that wasn't enough, she was a being that could use Plausibility…


"Don't say it."

They didn't know about this yet, but the one sitting before them, the headmaster and an offspring of the Worldline obviously knew more about them than either of them.

He knew about them and who they were and still… he was smiling?

The beings whose existence itself had made an inseparable impact on the

Worldline was now they're familiar and he was smiling?

This certainly wasn't right, right? There was something very, very wrong about this smile of his. But before they could even ask him about that…


"Oh? Looks like your reward calculations are complete."

The chance to change the whole topic at hand arrived for him.


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