Valkyrie Domination

Chapter 5540: Great Emperor Talisman

Before, Qin Chen had always wondered whether there was any special identification method for going to Taiyin Island. After all, the three underworld girls were extremely strict in guarding against the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity. The masterminds behind the scenes even deliberately led the water of the River of Death to block it.

The core area of ​​the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity.

If outsiders like them could directly enter the depths of the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity without identification by making donations to the Taiyin Mingnu, this would be too easy and not at all consistent with common sense.

Unexpectedly, I was waiting here.

"Uncle, we are in trouble now."

The Immortal Emperor's heart sank in the crowd, his face suddenly turned ugly, and he hurriedly transmitted the message anxiously.

Mo Li also became nervous.

He also heard the previous conversation. There was the power of the Abyss in the river of death, and he seemed to be extremely sensitive to the power of the abyss. If it caused fluctuations in the power of the abyss, wouldn't that be troublesome?

"Let's take a look first and then talk."

Qin Chen looked at the light curtain in front of him and his eyes flashed. He had actually predicted the scene in front of him, but he was not completely unprepared.

But Qin Chen was not sure whether he could succeed or not.

Under the leadership of Jade Tiger Rakshasa, this group of people walked towards the screen of death, while Taiyin Mingnu watched quietly from the side with indifferent eyes.

As the ghost cultivators entered the undead light curtain one by one, the light curtain in front of them instantly lit up with lights of different colors, and the light emitted by each ghost cultivator was also different. This light curtain seemed to identify the identity of the entrant. strength.

"Hey, this undead light curtain seems different from the ones I encountered before in the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity."

Qin Chen's heart moved.

The previous undead light curtain could cause violent fluctuations if anyone touched it, but the light curtain in front of me seemed to be just a test of the rules of practice practiced by those who passed it.

According to the different avenues of the underworld practiced by different ghost cultivators, the reaction of this light curtain is also different.

If so, it would be much easier. While Qin Chen was meditating, less than half of the people in front of him had passed through the light screen. The auras displayed on the light screen were all extremely normal and there was nothing unusual about them. However, when a person wearing a cloak seemed to come from some underworld ghost, Xiu Xiao

When the donor of the clan passed by the light curtain, there was a buzzing sound, and an extremely cold breath seemed to suddenly escape from the light curtain.


Everyone's eyes were attracted by that aura.

Qin Chen sensed it at a glance. The aura in front of him was very similar to the aura of the Ghost Owl Killer before.

"Ghost owl meeting?" Jade Tiger Rakshasa sneered, opened his big hand, and shot directly towards the cloaked man. With a bang, the void in front of him collapsed directly, and a huge palm was like a canopy, instantly covering the cloaked man. People are enveloped in it

. A look of shock appeared on the face of the cloaked man, and a hint of ferocity flashed across his eyes. His figure swayed, and with a bang, a talisman appeared in his hand. The talisman soared into the sky and turned into a jet of black. light beam

Soaring into the sky.


The aura of this black light was astonishing, and it instantly exploded the big hand blockade exerted by the Jade Tiger Rakshasa. At the same time, the cloaked figure swayed and flew directly towards the distant void beyond the eternal calamity. I saw a talisman appear again in his hand. The moment he crushed it, the man took a step forward. With a buzzing sound, the void under the cloaked man's feet seemed to be folded in half in an instant and suddenly shortened. In an instant, his figure was as if projecting

After arriving hundreds of millions of miles away, I escaped from this world.

Seeing such a method, everyone present changed their minds. The void above the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity is extremely condensed, and ordinary space methods cannot be used at all. However, the cloaked man in front of him can easily tear the void and escape to the void hundreds of millions of miles away.

Billions of miles away, in fact, the main body is very likely to have escaped into another dimension.

How can people not be shocked by such a method?

"The Great Emperor's Talisman, this person is definitely using the Great Emperor's Talisman."

There were gasps of cold air, and many people changed their expressions. The thought came to their minds. Apart from the Great Emperor's Talisman, they could no longer think of any other possibility. The face of Jade Tiger Rakshasa also became extremely ugly. When the opponent activated the talisman and escaped into the void, she, a quasi-emperor, was unable to capture the opponent's true identity and could only watch. With

The other party leaves this world.

"grown ups."

Jade Tiger Rakshasa quickly turned his head to look at Taiyin Mingnu.

"Chi Chi Tian Ya?"

However, Taiyin Mingnu sneered, and a trace of ridicule immediately appeared on the corner of her mouth: "I didn't expect that the Gui Xiaohui would even give you such a treasure. It seems that your status in the Guixiao Guild is extraordinary."

Amidst the sneer, Taiyin Mingnu suddenly took a step forward, pointing one hand at the empty figure in the distance.


The entire sea of ​​eternal calamity suddenly boiled under the finger of Taiyin Mingnu, and endless aura rose into the sky, sealing the world in an instant. In an instant, the void in the distance ahead was like glass, which burst open under the finger of Taiyin Mingnu. The cloaked man who had escaped into the void and was about to leave this place instantly fell from the void and returned to eternity.

Over the sea of ​​calamity.

A look of panic suddenly appeared on his face, and he hurriedly shouted: "Taiyin Mingnu, stop it, I am the leader of the Gui Xiaohui branch, if you kill me..."

puff! Before he finished speaking, a blood-colored head rose into the sky. The blood spurted out hundreds of feet high. The body instantly turned into blood mist and dissipated. Pieces of broken flesh and blood mist fell to the sea below. Under the terrifying aura of the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity, down, straight

Then evaporate and dissolve, turning into nothingness.

"Okay, continue."

Taiyin Mingnu said calmly, standing aside. Everyone was awestruck and felt chills in their hearts. A three-level peak transcendent strongman with the Great Emperor Talisman on his body just fell here and became the nourishment of the sea of ​​eternal calamity. This ruthless and decisive method made others feel like

Why not be creepy.

Everyone was trembling with fear, no longer calm as before, and moved forward nervously.

"Lady Taiyin Empress, please listen to my explanation."

"Misunderstanding, this is a misunderstanding."



Next, there was still a famous strong man who had some changes when he passed through the light screen, and was instantly identified.

Each of these ghost cultivators looked horrified and hurriedly wanted to explain, but Taiyin Mingnu and Jade Tiger Rakshasa did not listen to their explanations at all. They were wiped out on the spot and turned into powder and blood mist and dissipated in the air.

There was an air of solemnity on the field for an instant.

Many of the auras exposed on these people were left by other great emperors in the underworld, and they obviously had ulterior motives.

"Okay, it's your turn."

Soon, most of the people who made contributions passed, and it was Qin Chen's turn.

Qin Chen looked calm, while the Immortal Emperor and Mo Li were panicking. The three of them entered the light curtain step by step. Taiyin Mingnu immediately turned her head and stared at her, her face indifferent.


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